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ART 53 Featured

by Dinika Govender
Dinika Govender
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on Jul 07 in Experience 0 Comment


every morning i leave a little earlier

than an impatient person would;

and i climb a little hill to my bus-stop

to wait a little longer

than i probably should.


there i wait patiently:

a beacon i the morning breeze;

and i observe a symbiosis that only an early-bird could

I see runners and walkers

and those persistent half-run walkers

-joggers- they call themselves...

I see cars sailing past:

shiny vessels with shiny people

going to work in shiny buildings.

-at least their smiles are shiny, too.

i see dogs walking owners

prams jogging parents

and more shiny vessels steering past

and still no bus.

and still i am a beacon in the morning breeze:

fishing out a book to read

as i wait patiently,

for ART53.


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