A six month leadership curriculum both in South Africa and Washington, DC,  supplemented by ongoing alumni opportunities.


A core element of SAWIP, expressed through individual and team projects, both in South Africa and
Washington DC.


Real world experience provided through six week work exposure in prestigious environments in Washington, DC.



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The South Africa-Washington International Program is helping to prepare, inspire and support diverse new generations of emerging South African leaders to serve our people.

SAWIP welcomes 20 new alumni at the 2014 GRADUATION

Class of 2014 at their graduation on October 10th at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS).

The 2014 Team (Western Cape and Gauteng) engaging with community youth, driving change and building hope

Western Cape Team read more


Gauteng Team read more

SAWIP Newsletter September 2014

Click here to download the SAWIP Newsletter September 2014.

SAWIP Newsletter July 2014

Click here to download the SAWIP Newsletter July 2014.

Inaugural SAWIP Human Rights Day Seminar


The Vision of the SAWIP Alumni Association for 2014 is to reinvigorate the alumni association and to grow the prominence of the alumni within the organization.


The Alumni Associations objective in hosting an annual Human Rights Day Seminar is to create a forum for engaging SAWIP alumni, relevant stakeholders and the broader community on issues concerning leadership and socio-economic challenges whilst promoting and celebrating human rights.


A full day programme has been developed that is relevant, provocative and challenging.


To keep the seminar topical while keeping the subject matter in line with the activities and campaigns of the Alumni Association as a whole, the working theme is ‘The Role of Active Citizenship: Does Your Vote Really Count?’


The seminar is envisaged to become an annual, highly esteemed and meaningful platform that explores the way in which leadership and various social spheres interact.


In addition, it looks to focus on leadership’s potential as a mechanism for social change.


The seminar further intends to encourage a sense of social responsibility amongst the delegates as well as to act as a catalyst to inspire more active participation in civil society; the most important outcome being that delegates return to their respective schools, universities, professions, communities and share the experiences and knowledge gained on the day.

Applications Have Closed

Applications for SAWIP 2014 have closed.


Thank you very much for your interest in SAWIP!  For those of you who have applied we wish you the best of luck, and look forward to the future of South Africa together!




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